Autistic Lady meets the world… or you me…?

So, first the scoop on me.  I’m a 60 year old (and counting) woman, who was diagnosed with Autism at about 20, but chose not to believe it for 10-15 years after that.  I have finally gotten to a point where I accept that I am, realize that I always will be, and am more or less okay with it. I have read all the blogs, groups, posts, etc… on Autism – both by Autistics, and by the families of Autistics, and have come to the conclusion that nobody really fully understands Autism – even those of us who have it.  So this blog will be my random, and as worthwhile as they are, thoughts on being Autistic, from the experience of growing up with Autism, but without the benefit of any help in understanding how to live with it…

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