Being Autistic

There are many sites that discuss autism. Some from the perspective of autistic parents, some from the perspectives of autistics, others by professionals who claim to be experts. But I question whether anyone really knows what it means to be autistic. I am autistic, and I can’t claim to know. Who would I be, if I could have been all else that I am, but not be autistic? What traits would I lose, and what would I gain? Would I be better at specific tasks? Would I be better at relationships? Would I be better at life? Would I be happier?

Or perhaps the things that I would miss would more than offset what I might gain. Would I still be wide-eyed and full of wonder? Woul I still have a heart that wanted nothing more than to love? Would I still have eyes that see the best in people. Wish to be honest, loyal, and understanding? Would I value the same things? Would I have the same principles?

I can go down the list of challenges of autists. I can identify with most all of them. Certainly there have been challenges in my life that I have had to work hard to overcome. But would I have it any other way? Would I choose not to be all of what I am, autistic and all?  I don’t think so. Because who I am is me. Autism is part of me. I choose to be happy with being autistic, because I choose to be happy being me.

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