Understanding love, do I?

I am autistic. People say I do not understand relationships. They say I do not understand love. I am not certain they do. To those I have loved who tell me I don’t understand, who do not enjoy my love. I love you for the good things in you, and continue to love you, though my love is not appreciated. Certainly there is loyalty demonstrated in that. Despite that you turn me a deaf ear, I say good things about you behind your back. I have defended you to those you consider friends. I have defended you when you have hurt me. Where others justify my right to anger, there is nothing but love in my heart. You tell me I am needy, yet you are who needs me to follow rules I don’t understand, rules which make no sense to me, rules you would or could never explain, rules which say I should love less, appreciate less, have less joy in loving. Where my need is only to share those things with you, wish for you to find joy in them as I do, I am needy. My need wishes only good for you. I truly do not understand. What I offer sounds wonderful to me.

(Note that this is a composite representative scenario, used to be illustrative, not intended to be situational)

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