The definition of success

Everyone has their own definition of success.  I have worked so hard to “find myself” over the last year and a bit, and I have done well.  I have achieved – largely – what I am told is the goal – loving myself.  But I have not achieved my measure of success.  So many people have told me that you shouldn’t look to the eyes of another to measure yourself – but how can you not when your “impairment” for a lifetime has been in your ability to relate to other people?  When your measure of success is based on your ability to interact successfully with those people.  When the eyes of others are the ONLY measuring stick that tells you if you have achieved your goals.

The one thing I have wanted for a lifetime was to have someone I thought the world of – a person who I believed with all my heart was one of the best people I knew – was to have that person want ME in their life.  Was for someone like that, who didn’t need me, who had a hundred thousand people in their life, who was successful beyond my dreams in their chosen area, who to me had everything they could need – but with all that, who wanted ME.  Who saw the need to take time to have me in their life, who would have felt a loss without me. That is all I have ever wanted…

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