What Friendship Means To Me

Friendship likely doesn’t have quite the same connotation to me as it has to many, or that people likely think it does to me, considering how much I enjoy people, and given that I admit to often being lonely. However, when I was a child, not only did my parents convinced me that I was unloved, but they made fun of my attempts to love them – succeeding in convincing me (probably with basis in reality) that I was also not very good at being loving. Also, despite that I’ve always been honest, they questioned me in everything. So, to me, the most important foundations of what I wish in a friendship are trust, and my ability to have my love evoke positive responses.
God and I have had many discussions about friendship. Well, mostly me discussing, and hopefully God listening. I did get an answer I enjoy and appreciate from Him in a dream, when I asked what – to God – makes someone a friend. In my dream He told me that a friend is someone who loves you, and that brings you good feelings in loving you, and who you are certain works to the best of their ability, to assure that each thing they do supports you, cares for you, and reinforces their love for you. I told The Lord in my dream that I hope for each person I love to be able to see me in that description. That is my goal.
Trust has always been precious to me. I have to believe that at least partly because my behavior is seen as odd or different, I have often felt people do not readily trust me. Yet, I believe I am a very trustworthy person. I am honest, loyal, willing to work hard in a relationship, and care enough to accommodate the needs of others whenever I can, and understand what those needs are. I want so much to feel that those I care about believe they can totally trust me.
So, to me – as much as I enjoy people, and do of course relish the idea of spending time with those I care for, that is not in fact what I most seek in a relationship. Mostly I want to be trusted, and to be able to feel that my attentions and affections are enjoyed. That is what friendship most means to me.

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