“Being Love” Is What I Must Be…

“Be Love” is the credo we read. But what exactly does that tell us we should do? The act of “being” something should imply that we are the personification of that something. That within our being is the thing that we personify. So, what exactly would that make us, if we were in fact love? The dictionary definitions of love come in many flavors… an intense feeling of affection, a romantic attachment, a feeling of pleasure, taking a great interest in something. Worldly definitions might range further even, bringing into the definition more emotions that arguably are not in fact love, but are referred to under the general umbrella of the concept of love. But what love do we refer to when we suggest that we are to “be love”? In my mind, the only definition one can use within that context is godly love. Love that in fact represents the love which in emulating God, offers unconditional acceptance – without judgement, that is unending, that is patient, that is kind, that is trusting, that in turn is honest, that is respectful, that is grateful, gracious, and that is unfailingly caring and supportive. That is a lot to “be”. Humans, by nature have weaknesses which certainly may affect our ability to be any number of those things. We are not perfect beings. But to be love within the context of being human is to keep those things foremost in the qualities we look to build within ourselves. So, to “be love” is to consistently attempt to keep those loving qualities at the forefront of all our behaviors.
As an autistic, as me, with the upbringing I had, I have to believe I have different challenges in this than many. I believe that – at my core – I AM love. Love is what I live for. I have lived through so much of the antithesis of this, being judged, being bullied, disrespected, uncared for. It has shown me only how I never want to be. Somehow it has made me more cognizant of the value and importance of love, within our society, within ourselves. I am in love with love. My challenges though, are more the autistic ones, conquering the ever-present fears and worry – fears and worry that go along with the realization that as much as I feel something, that is only the first step in understanding how to live it. I know that my version of “being love” may ever be different than any other. But the closer I can get to working only from love, and putting the fears and worries aside, I must be happy with that. Because as long as I am motivated by love, even as awkwardly expressed, I am still love. And to be love – and be true to me – is what I must be.

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