Sharing Friendship…

People are my favorite things. Yet, socializing is hard for me. Yet, I enjoy it so much when I do. It is a conundrum. People have told me I’m pushy, or that there’s no getting enough with me, and there is truth in that, yet it isn’t true. Being with other people is hard work for me, yet I live for it. If I were to have that opportunity to sit down and talk to, be with, enjoy the company of any of those special people I delight in 6-8 times a year, I would be totally content and delighted. To know I could look forward to spending time with those people I so incredibly enjoy spending time with would be awesome. Yet most years of my life that number has been only 1 or two, and many years there have been no such opportunities. So I admittedly hunger for them, and there is part of me that feels empty and fears that lack. I love the opportunity to share love with those I love. It is still such a novelty to me, that sometimes I feel I am too busy taking it all in to even fully appreciate it – if that makes any sense at all. I cannot help but wish for that feeling of being around those I love, and just being able to sigh, knowing that at that moment in time, where I was – surrounded by people I adore – was exactly where I belonged, and to just be able to savor that feeling…

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