Trusting Our Wings…

Perhaps it’s my autistic side, or just me, but I like things to be accurate and true. Among (too many) others, a meme that I had seen and questioned was that which states that eagles fly above storms. I questioned the accuracy of that, and researched it, and in fact it is not true – just as I expected, the tops of most storm clouds are well higher than the ability of an eagle to fly. However, with the point of the meme being that while other birds flee the storm, the eagle does not – I think I like my own revised meme, that I want to be like the eagle, and trust my wings to carry me through the storm. Life does throw storms at us, and flying above them is typically not an option. What we need is to be strong in the knowledge that we are capable of getting through them, and moving on to brighter days on the other side.

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