My Aspirations Of Greatness…

I woke up (early) this morning, on the anniversary of my birth, reflecting upon what I have accomplished in my life, and moreover, what I might yet hope to accomplish. In doing so, the concepts of “mediocrity” and “greatness” interwove themselves into my thoughts. Though, as a young child, I dreamed of greatness, I grew up convinced that I was rather destined for mediocrity, and greatness – in anything – was something that was above me. I was never given a reason by my parents, or those around me, to believe I could “succeed” at anything. Arguably, I have been told I have talent at various things, but in attempts to look objectively at those abilities, I have only seen others far “greater”, and thus never aspired to those heights. Yet there are others around me, those who I love, who do aspire to that greatness. Some who happily have and are achieving the things that would seem to support their aspirations, and others, who arguably despite their best efforts never will. And while I am happy for those who are so driven, happy for their successes, and happy at the existence of those people who excel, who stand out, I wonder at times if I am not just as glad not to be among them. Greatness is not only a function of being the best at what you do, greatness is so much more than that. For some, greatness is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other, and getting through each day without giving up. For some, perhaps like me, maybe greatness is a matter of trying with all my might, not to let handicaps and “deficits” keep me from doing – even with supposed “mediocrity” – those things that are in fact important to me. Perhaps my greatness will be shown in simply having lived a life that said “I could”, when all along I was told I “could not”. There are so many things “I could” do, that I have done, that I yet will do. So arguably whether I am the best writer, or poet, or photographer may never have been the point at all for me. My success at being a person, in my own eyes, is that success of touching the lives of those around me in positive ways. That success, I might never see to be achieved, but I do know that that is the one area where I actually aspire to greatness…

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