Struggles are real, but so are possibilities…

Whenever I bring up the topic of autism, I feel like there are some who automatically tune me out. The same seems also to be true about whenever I talk about my struggles. But to me, if I do not admit to, and discuss these things, then what I am effectively doing is pretending to be “normal” – pretending that autism is not a part of my life, and does not effect my day to day existence. What good does it do anyone for me to do that? Does it help people to understand that autistics can be different, but still worthwhile? Does it help them to understand – whenever the time might come that I manage to make my dreams come true – the monumental thing that is to me that love in fact has managed to conquer those struggles that I have dealt with my whole life (but some would rather I never admitted to)? To me, if I do not admit to, deal with, struggle with, allow openly, my difficulties with being autistic, I am muffling all of the good I might hope to do in helping people realize my ability to overcome the apparent paradox of being autistic, yet desiring more than anything to be successful at being a social person. Autism is a very real challenge, and a very real part of my life, but what I hope to illustrate in my eventual successes is that it does not have to define me.

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