Disabled does not mean no abilities

Equality, it’s a tricky thing. Equality does not mean sameness. Understanding does not negate differences. It is interesting to me that people say things like “I have pain too”, “everybody has pain”, “we all have difficulties”. Yet a splinter is not the same as a nail through the hand, shyness is not the same as paralyzing fear. It is demeaning to those who struggle to minimize away their difficulties. Yet, as they struggle and work through those struggles it is important to see beyond them, to the things that are the same. People with difficulties still can find gratitude, still can feel real love, still can reach out with compassion and caring for others. Just because one is struggling, does not imply that all of their actions are born of those struggles. Their heart still beats, still feels the hearts of those around them. Their brain still wants to contribute. To condemn someone because of their difficulties, to base judgement of their character on the reality that those difficulties might sometimes, or even often, be more than they can gracefully deal with alone is to overlook the qualities that lie beneath those struggles, to steal from them their ability to still offer the world that which they hope to offer.

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