Value in a loving heart…

I have spent decades of my life feeling unvalued. Feeling that even people I loved deeply put no regard upon that love. And I thought it was me. And I thought it was my mistake. And I thought there was something so terribly wrong with me. And I thought it was that I am autistic, or broken, or just couldn’t understand. And there is much that I don’t understand, but I try, and I would, and have only looked for help in doing so. And I know I have faults, but I also know now that none should matter so much as what should overwhelmingly counterbalance them. And of all the people who have turned their backs on me, not one has ever made any effort to work with me, to try to mitigate what they see as whatever might have turned them away from me. So, I am understanding now. People in general put little value upon each other. (As a generalization) they give little credence to such things as being loved, to loyalty, to those who try hard to be trustworthy. And I asked myself why… and I don’t fully know that answer. But perhaps at least part of it is that at least deep down somewhere they believe that there is a responsibility they have in return – to be loyal, to be trustworthy, to invest of themselves, and they are unwilling to take on that responsibility, even though in theory it should be only a good thing… But, regardless, there is value in one who loves you. There is value in loving hearts, in hearts that care, that try, that work to be loyal and respectful. And whomever does not recognize that value does not diminish it.

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