People are not stereotypes

There are so many articles and videos out there with topics such as “how to spot a liar”, “ how to read body language”, etc… and I just find them disturbing. While I try to hope the intentions are good, their result is typically exclusionary for those people who fall outside the norm socially. There may be confusion between the indicated behavior, and the behavior of someone with social difficulties, or even who is just shy, introverted, or nervous by nature. But whenever, (every time) I try to point out that potential confusion, my comments seem glossed over and discussion goes right on agreeing with the points made… People are not generalizations. This is where stereotypes come from, and stereotypes affect those people who are atypical in any way, not just because of race or religion. But the more subtle stereotypes – such as these – get little attention, and as a result, a large group of people (I know many, not just myself) suffer for it.

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