To me…

Here is my December 1st letter to me…

December 1st, 2017

Dear Jean,

I am just so happy and grateful that November clarified what love means to you. After all the work that you have gone through in your life – and especially in the last few years to remove all the layers of uncertainty and frustration that marred the meaning of love for you, I am so happy that you are finally to that point – even admitting a few layers may remain – where you can see the love in your core, and have finally achieved the understanding that regardless of what anyone else tells you – that love is the part of yourself that you are the happiest about. And better yet, that love is the one thing that is so integral to you that nobody, under any circumstances, can steal it from you. Despite a life – that some tell you that you chose for yourself – that in living it – you have had no understanding of why anyone would have chosen, perhaps finally that understanding has surfaced. The life you have lived has proven to you that love is – in fact – under all circumstances, the one thing you are certain of. The one thing – above all others, that you would never, and haven’t ever, live without. I’m happy for you. Please remember this in every day of every month of the rest of your life.


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