For the past three months, a group I am in has set a task of writing a letter to yourself, to guide in your efforts for the upcoming month. My January 1st letter to me…

January 1st, 2018

Dear Jean,

Last year you worked very hard to promote love, both in the world, and in your own life. I know that somehow you feel you succeeded better with the world than you did for yourself. I also know that feeling is rooted in realization that you are still lacking so much in understanding people, in being able to interpret the things they say and do – which to you often seem to be contradictory. And with that lack of understanding has come a perceived lack in your ability to respond to them appropriately. Understanding people may always be something you will struggle with. But – just as you always have – despite that you cannot understand them, I know you will continue to love them. But then, still, there is you. This has been the one real stumbling block over the past few years for you in loving you. As much as you have finally realized who you are, and finally seen and accepted your loving heart as your favorite and most significant trait, you still have not accepted those shortcomings that you see as roadblocks to the things you wish for most. So the task you must focus on, Jean, is realizing that you are who you are. You know that you always try your best, and that is all you can do. You can’t let frustration at what you can’t do rob you of the pleasure of what you can do. You can love. You can feel love, you can express love in the best ways you know how. Perhaps those expressions are not what people are looking for, but they are the expressions of your love – as you. And that is always the right thing to do. You can only hope that they will matter to those people who they should matter to – the ones you truly want in your life. So be happy with who you are.

Love, from me.

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