The Joy of Love

Some of the best moments of my life were mine alone, as my heart was so happy in loving someone. Yet many of those moments were later tainted in the realization that the person I loved did not particularly want me to love them… a situation made only worse by those words ringing in my ear from my childhood, when my mother admonished “Nobody wants to be loved by you”. There is little that hurts more than that, and there is nothing in this world I have, for a lifetime, wanted more than to break that trend, and to see those I love find the joy in being loved by me that I find in loving them. Love is a gift, one that I find so much joy in sharing – a joy that is only compounded in seeing joy in those I share it with. To me, those times when I see joy in the receipt of my love are those times when I feel happiest, most successful, and closest to being the person I have always wished to be.

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