Autism, Schmautism…

Autism, shmautism, people will say.
You’re the same as me in every old way.
This autism bit is naught but an excuse.
To just be who you want and use this as a ruse.
I don’t see you’re autistic despite what you claim.
To just deceive people must be your aim.
Although why claim that you’re broken when you’re perfectly fine.
Claiming you’re autistic is only a line.
But, while we’re at it, why are you so bizarre?
You do things so confusing, quite far from normal, you are.
You’re intense and you’re pushy, and you say things so obtuse.
You’re over the top, with emotions profuse.
Why do you have to be different, why not follow the norm.
Someone must change you, these odd ways to reform.
Whatever you are, they need to give it a name.
Oh! Well, perhaps you are autistic, just as you claim!

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