This is about capabilities…

So, I bought a smart plug to allow us (mostly me) to use Alexa to turn the Christmas Tree in our bedroom on and off without having to walk to it and unplug it. I wanted that so I could put the tree on at night when I was going to sleep and then not have to walk over to it and turn it off after already having crawled into bed and gotten warm and comfortable. I set it up, and it is working nicely and I smile at knowing I can enjoy the beauty of my little tree without hurting myself to plug it in. However, I did hurt my knee while setting it up, and am now limping. That is not the point of this. The tree uses a Skill in Alexa, and had to be set up in its own IOS app, as well as in the Alexa app. My husband would never have been able to do that. It was not hard for me, but he is not technically savvy. But he would easily have been able to walk over, plug the plug into the wall, plug the tree into it, and press the button to activate it without hurting himself.
Each of us has capabilities that another might not have. I happen to be pretty darn good technically. Yet making friends and keeping them has been a lifelong challenge for me. When you get up in the morning and put your shoes on and tie them, you do not expect anyone to cheer for you. Yet when your young child or grandchild does the same thing, you will praise them and smile for them and celebrate their accomplishment.
So I understand how to program an Alexa – or a computer, or a database, but I don’t understand how to build relationships with people. When I place importance in those relationships, I am not just wanting another friend, or wishing people would like me – I am as that small child – wanting to tie my shoe for the first time, wanting to succeed at something that has been hard for me – impossible for me, for a lifetime. Yet people do not understand that. They don’t see a 63 year old learning a skill that they learned at four or five as being an accomplishment. They do not understand why it is of so much importance to me. It has nothing to do – or maybe everything to do, but not how you would think – with loving myself. It has to do with wanting to overcome a challenge that has been a challenge I have worked to overcome for 63 years. I want friends, yes. But I don’t want friends only for the sake of having friends. I want to tie my shoes myself, finally…

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