Love is the only universal truth

There are so many memes, quotes, and “self-help” books. Some are full of assurances that what they share is the absolute truth, and there is nothing else one can do to be successful aside from what that particular recommendation is. Absolutes… but, in reality, there are very few absolutes in this universe, and I am pretty much certain that even fewer of them are contained in any of these writings. I try to find the truth in everything I think, do, say, and write, but even with the best of intentions, truth is not always as we see it. The point to this is that what we read on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere online, or in even the leading bestsellers are only human attempts at recognizing what that individual, or those individuals believe to be the truth… Though some would lead you to believe that if you are not following their version of the truth that there is something wrong with you, or that you will not reach your goals – but their truth may not be your truth, or the truth as they see it may not work in your particular life. With hopes for love as a foundation, and caring, compassion and kindness making up the things that you do, beyond that, find your own truths. Do not let the words of another sway you, and especially do not let them discourage you, intimidate you or harm you in any way.

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