Autism humanness…

Enough of “Autism Awareness” already. Awareness only gets us ostracized. We need understanding, full acceptance. We need for the neurotypical public to just accept us as part of the human diversity, not as a separate oddity. I don’t want to be seen as autistic, or different, or difficult. I just want to be seen as Jean, just as every Mary or Peter or Paul. We are all different. I am different, and beautiful, just because I’m me. Not because someone chose to put a label on me.

Alright. Rant not over yet. Even the people who call me friend treat me differently. They possibly don’t even realize they do, but they do. Yet they don’t treat me differently in ways that recognize my needs, or my true “diversity” differences, as one would someone from another religion or culture. They treat me differently as an oddity, as someone who is human, but not quite. Yet somehow also not worth that effort to understand the ways I am in fact fully human, only differently so, only not like them. So as a result they keep me at arm’s length, and think – or hope – or perhaps not care – that I will not notice. But I do. With all the effort I have made in a lifetime to accommodate others, to be accepting of their “non-autistic” yet also very real shortcomings, it only hurts, repeatedly, consistently, always, to not be treated with the same respect and consideration that others are given. Ok. Maybe rant over now. But I love you all. I’m just going to go cry now.

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