My heart loves as it chooses…

Mark Twain is quoted to say “never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” I don’t know what to feel about that. There have been many people throughout my life who have been priority for me, for whom I am well aware that I’m not even an option. I’m not even on their radar. I think about people every day, for whom I know I am not even an occasional thought. Should I change that? Would I want to? Should I temper what is in my heart to match their reality? Or should I just continue to love who I love with every bit of the zest and enthusiasm as my heart would choose, irrespective of their feelings for, or interest in me? Of course I wish it otherwise. Of course I wish we were not both missing out on sharing my excitement at who they are, at sharing the sparkle in my eyes, or the smiles they bring me when I even think of those people my heart so enjoys. But why would I want to lose that enjoyment, just because they will not give me opportunities to share it with them. That is not a choice I personally can make. I have chosen to allow my heart freedom to love who it loves, and make my head mature enough to deal with consequences that might not be what I might wish.

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