The Kitten and Goliath

I wrote this four years ago, and wanted to share it again… I call it “The kitten and Goliath”

Everyone has heard the story of David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant, and David a young shepherd who stood up to Goliath, and fell him with a stone. Well, I want to tell a new paradigm. I do not want to be David, standing up to the giant in anger. I want to be the kitten, sitting curled up in a little purring ball of fluff, on the foot of the giant. In my paradigm, the giant would look down upon this little ball of fur, and pick it up, and hold it in his huge hands, still sitting there boldly purring before him. And Goliath’s heart would melt, and he would hold the kitten close to his heart. That kitten, standing boldly at the foot of a giant, does not feel beneath him, does not feel less than him, does not fear him. All the kitten feels is love. All the kitten wishes to do is to bring both of them closer to love. For certainly, sitting at his feet purring, that kitten is not less of a being than that huge giant, she is only a being nearer to love. And by being that, she has the responsibility and opportunity to bring a huge giant closer to the foundations of love along with her.

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